All About Perms!

Written by xojessmonster. Thank you for your help, Jess!
(If anyone else is interested in writing something like this, such as bleaching FAQ or how to cut your own hair etc etc, message me and we’ll figure something out!)

Q- Will getting a perm damage my hair?
A- The perms that are out now are less damaging than the perms your mom and grandma got. BUT please be aware that there are very harsh chemicals that are still needed in order to change the structure of your hair which makes the curl. Special shampoos and conditioners are recommended for at home after care.

Q- How often do I have to get a perm?
A- A perm can last anywhere from around 2-6 months generally. The tighter the perm, generally the longer it will last as it will relax over time. And even though you may not see the curl anymore, be sure to tell a stylist that there is a previous perm in your hair, as the chemicals will still be lingering inside.

Q- How long do I have to wait to wash my hair?
A-  Most stylists will recommend waiting 24 hours before washing your hair. The average perm needs at least 28 hours to fully neutralize and relax. I always recommend a full 48 hours before shampooing.

Q- Is there anything special I need to do before a perm?
A- Avoid scratching your head or brushing your hair heavily. Any type of scalp stimulation can cause burning by the perm chemicals. Also be sure to do a deep conditioning treatment a day before. The day of, your stylist will wash your hair for you so you wont need to unless they specifically ask you to. Also be sure to avoid hot water. 

Q- How about after my perm?
A- Again, allow 48 hours to pass before shampooing. I also recommend a good trim after to keep the curls healthy and bouncy.

Q- How will a perm affect my hair color?
A- Sometimes a perm can pull out a little of your color. I would get the perm, wait a week, and then use a semi permanent hair color. Semi permanent uses a lower amount of hydrogen peroxide which will cause more damage and lead to color not taking as well. Also, the peroxide in permanent color can weaken your perm. If you have overly processed bleached or highlighted hair, i would stay away from perms all together until you can get your hair in a healthier condition. 

Q- What type of perm is right for me?
A- This all depends on the look youre going for. If you are looking for a tighter, more ringlet like curl, a spiral perm is right for you. If you are looking for something that looks more natural you can opt for a perm with a medium sized rod. You can also choose to get a perm strictly for body. This is somewhat of a difficult question to answer because there are so many different options. This is where a consultation with a professional is advised. 

Q- Anything else?
A- Be sure to go into this with patience. Perms are not a quick task. There are quite a few uncomfortable stages in getting a perm. There is a lot of tight heavy rods in your hair and some unpleasant smelling chemicals. Don’t worry though, it will all be worth it. Be sure to call around and find a salon that has a stylist who specializes in perms. Bring lots of pictures so that you are both on the same page about the type of curl you are looking for. And most importantly be honest with your stylist. There are many things that seem like they wouldnt matter, but they really do. Such as, your shampoo, conditioner, they type of color you use, even the medications you may take. 

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